Board of Directors

Our nation is fast approaching the point where having DEI expertise in the boardroom is as important as Governance or Audit experience. Our company president, William (Bill) Shackelford, is available to help fill that void.

Bill has:

* 30 years of broad-base DEI consulting experience.

* Formal board training from the Kellogg School of Management Corporate Governance.
* Served 10-months as Interim Chief Diversity Officer for Auburn University.
* Served a three-year term on an American Society for Training and Develop (now ATD) BOD committee.


As a BOD member Mr. Shackelford will provide...

  • Expert DEI perspectives in the boardroom

  • Structured guidance for addressing DEI challenges

  • Advice that will allow your organization to avoid costly DEI faux pas

  • Evidence you are proactively addressing the issue of BOD diversity