Diversity Recruiting Services

Helping you Create Diversity

Effective DEI efforts start with having effective strategies for Identifying, Attracting and Retaining diverse employees.

We help our clients develop a strategic approach to building a diverse workforce. This approach allows our clients to reap the maximum benefits from their investment in diversity recruiting.

Our Recruiting Services are described below.

Diversity Recruiting Services

Job Posting

Minority Professional Network (MPN)

Our partner, the  Minority Professional Network is the place organizations go to identify diverse talent.

MPN includes a web portal for posting jobs, social media networks to drive traffic to the portal, and a host of tools to help clients launch an effective diversity recruiting program.



Keep the Conversation Going

IEC webinars are designed to broaden the vision of recruiters and diversity leaders. We invite you to attend one of our monthly webinars.

Check our calendar for the dates, times, and topics.

In-house Training

Bring the Training Home

We encourage you to invite us to your organization to present customized recruiting training for your team.

We make sure every team member has the skills to effectively support your diversity recruiting efforts.

Contact us for more information.


LinkedIn Post Jan 13, 2023
Hi Bill. Not sure if you remember me but I worked with you in 1995 when I was at the USGS developing bureau outreach recruitment teams.

Your knowledge and guidance were invaluable and really made that experience one of the highlights of my federal career.

I retired from federal service almost 9 years ago and am now enjoying consulting on a variety of HR topics. Nice to see you on LinkedIn and have the opportunity to let you know what a positive impact you had to our organization and my work experience. All the best!

US Geological Survey

Sandy Sherman

Bill, I consider your training seminar to be one of the BEST training programs I’ve attended during my 35-year career.

I frequently give you credit for our recruiting outline, too. It’s so comprehensive and a strong influence on us.

Michigan Department of Education

Human Resource Consultant